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Stacks of Photos
Lasting Memories Photo Scanning

Why it is important to scan old photographs?
To preserve those one of a kind photos! You may have the ONLY photograph of people or events on the entire planet and unfortunately all paper photos deteriorate over time. They fade, become moldy, stained, scratched, torn, bent, and of course, they get lost. Safeguard your photo memories for generations to come by scanning and saving them to CD\DVDs. Now ANY photo can become a "digital photo"!

Scanning your photo collection to CD\DVD allows you to easily find, view and share your photos. Simply add descriptive keywords, dates, places and names for each photo in your collection and you will be able locate photos in a fraction of the time it would take to rummage through boxes and bags in the attic, basement, closets and drawers. Don't know who is in the photo, when or where it was taken? Email the image to other family members for them to help identify.

Share your memories with others!
Email your digital photos, upload them to a photo sharing website, print copies at home, at a photo kiosk, online or through a local photo-lab. Create scrapbooks or photo albums for others to enjoy.

Want to make "slide shows" with your digital photos that you can watch on a computer or TV? Add background music, voice and motion to created great slideshows. Slideshows are fun to watch and easy to make copies for friends and family. Slideshows can be a big hit a family reunions! Organize your lifetime of pictures into digital photo-books and give as gifts. Perhaps you want to use the images as wallpaper or a screen-saver on your computer? You can print postcards, greeting-cards, shirts, coffee mugs or any other items you wish to have an image on.

Restore & Enhance your photos!
Perhaps some of your most valuable photos have been damaged or deteriorated over time? With inexpensive photo editing software you can remove dust, scratches, pen marks and red-eye. Add brightness and contrast and restore those faded colors back to life. Zoom in and crop around smaller details, people or objects; add a digital frame, or even remove people and objects.

It's EASY and quick to have your photos scanned and put onto CD\DVDs.   Let us help you get started!

How much does the Photo Scanning process cost?

$0.34   Per photo at 600 DPI ** (This is a GREAT value!)

$1.99   Write up to 200 images to a 700MB CD - first copy
$1.29   Additional CD copies

$3.99   Write up to 1,500 images to a 4.7GB DVD - first copy
$2.99   Additional DVD copies

$0.99   Print Photo Index sheet (40 photos / sheet)

For Example:
Scan 100 photos, photo index, stored to a CD with 1 additional CD copy.
The total = $34.00 + $2.98 + $1.99 + $1.29 = $40.26 + tax

** Volume discounts for 100-300 photos ($.29 each) and 300+   photos ($.24 each)

How long does the Photo Scanning take?
The scan process is very quick and typically only takes a few minutes per 50 photos if the photos are ready to be scanned and there are no feed problems. We prefer to return your photos to you as soon as possible, although occasionally we will need to processes them when trained personell are available. Reviewing each photo, rotating, printing a photo index and burning to a CD\DVD takes most of the time. Depending on the options you have selected, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to more than 30 minutes to complete. Also, depending on our staffing, we may not be able to complete this part of the process immediately. In this case, the CD\DVD and index sheets will be ready next time you visit Lasting Memories.

I have a good scanner - why can't I scan my own photos?
Home scanners are great for scanning a few pages or a couple pages from a book if you have a flat bed scanner. Unfortunately it takes a LONG TIME to scan many photos. First you put a photo in place, then there is the prescan, the crop, the final scan, image rotation if required, file naming, and finally - burning the files to a CD\DVD and labeling the disc. This all adds up to about 1 to 5 minutes (or longer) average per photo.
Try it and you will see.

Lasting Memories uses a commercial grade Kodak auto feed scanner that is capable of scanning up to 30 photos per minute! Plus the software automatically names and stores the images as files! So, yes, you can certainly scan you own photos, however we believe that our Photo Scanning service can save you a LOT of time and provide a quality product at a reasonable price. You will simply be able to enjoy your scanned photos without all the effort.

How does the Lasting Memories Photo Scanning process work?
Here is what you do:
o Locate all of the photographs you would like to have scanned.
o All photos to be scanned must be smaller than 8" x 10" and larger than 2" x 3"
o Prepare your photos for scanning:
   o Remove photos from album pages if they are not already loose
   o Remove any tape, corner mounts or other adhesives from each photo (UnDo works GREAT!)
   o Remove any torn or wrinkled photos that will not safely scan
   o Remove any photos on thick (chipboard) backing boards, because they will not safely scan
o Group photos if you wish by year, location, family, trip, etc. and separate groups with a paper
o Bring your photos to Lasting Memories and complete a Photo Scanning Worksheet
o Pay for the completed products and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have preserved your photo memories for years to come
o Enjoy working with these images and sharing them with others

Here is what Lasting Memories will do:
o Verify that each of your photos is clean and can be scanned safely
o Carefully scan and return your photos as quickly as possible
o Review each image, sharpen, rotate and rescan if necessary
o Rename and number groups of images if requested
o Print Photo Index Sheets of your photos if requested
o Write your photo images to a CD\DVD as requested
o Return all of your photos and scanned images to you

What can I do with my scanned photos now?
o Have copies printed and scrapbook them
o Create photobook layouts and have them printed and bound
o Make enlargements of special photos and have them framed for your home or a gift
o Use Photo Shop Elements (PSE) or other photo editing software to enhance or repair images
o Use photo cataloging software like PSE to add keywords or tags to quickly locate images
o Organize images into electronic photo albums to enjoy and share with others
o Email reduced size images to family and friends
o Upload images to photo sharing sites for others to view
o Make duplicate CD\DVDs for family and friends to enjoy
o Send duplicate CD\DVDs to someone for safekeeping
o Use the images for digital scrapbooking
o Create slideshows complete with music

What if I find more photos to scan next month?
Bring them in! Lasting Memories can scan them and put them on another CD\DVD, or if you would like us to combine them with a previous DVD, we can do that. (Original CD\DVD and additional blank CD\DVD required.)

Is it true that CD\DVDs don't really last very long?
We have done a LOT of research on this topic. The best long term digital image storage media available to most of us today are high quality CD\DVDs. The manufacturers of these high quality CD\DVDs say they will last at least 100 years, and probably longer. Will we have CD\DVD players in 100 years to read our CD\DVDs created this year is the bigger question. Probably the most rational advice we have found regarding "permanent" storage for our digital photos is:

"There is no single long term solution for digital image preservation...
The best storage method for preserving valuable images and data is a series of short term solutions."

Technology continues to evolve rapidly in all areas of our lives and media storage techniques also continue to evolve and improve. For example, remember about 30 years ago? In the late 70's those cute little 110 pocket cameras were very popular. We kept our negatives (Oh, you didn't?) as our long term storage. Today very few of us use film any more. Who would have predicted this technology shift? The same evolution will hold true for preserving our digital photo images.  Why not get started now?  As they say - "Some form of backup is better than no backup at all!"

If you have any questions about the Lasting Memories Photo Scanning process, please contact us.
We are eager to show you how the process works!   Bring in a few photos and let us demonstrate!

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